Crest Hill Animal Inn Services

Dog Boarding

Our private suites offer indoor and outdoor areas for each dog. Our outdoor patios are fully roofed and shaded from the elements. Our indoor rooms are heated in winter, and stay cool in the summer due to exceptional design and industrial strength cooling fans. For families with multiple dogs, we can house them together (depending on size differences, and personal relationship), or next door to each other so they can remain close by. Pricing is determined by size of dog and time of year. Call for a price quote, or stop by unnanounced any time we are open to take a tour!

Cat Boarding

Our Kitty Kennels provide two separate rooms. One side houses bedding, toys, water, food while the other houses the litter pan. Our Kitty Kennel is located on the opposite side of our complex away from the dog suites to ensure your cat's stay is stress free and quiet. The cats won't hear the conversations our canine guests have with each other or us. We provide play time that allows your cat to take advantage of our cat tree and multiple lounging areas.

Medical Needs

All pets with manageable medical conditions are welcome. We can administer medications and shots (only dogs) for a small additional fee per dose. We give all medicines EXCEPT shots to cats.

Walks & Pet Supplies

We do not offer group play at this time but we do offer walks for an small additional fee based on length of time. Our store provides chew toys, dog bowls, dog food, cat toys, ect.


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